Welcome to Inspire EFT.
Are you searching for something to instigate change in your life but have no idea where to start?

Are you struggling with financial difficulties, work performance, health issues, relationship problems, fears and phobias and have learned to “live with it” believing, “that’s how it is”?

Although we desire improved conditions in our life, where to start can be confusing and choosing a therapist that we feel comfortable with can compound that confusion.  The first step is wanting to change how we feel about a situation whatever that may be, the second is to find a professional  that we can trust to help set us on the right path. Taking this into consideration, I offer an initial free consultation to decide if it is appropriate for us to work together.
If there is something in your life that brings you discord and anxiety and is impacting on your daily life and you want to change it but don’t know how, the techniques that I offer have the possibility to set you on the path of freedom.

Each and every one of us is an individual and have our own view of the world that is unique to us. As we go through life, from childhood and beyond, events, opinions of others and judgements made against us, can have a negative impact on how we view ourselves and block us from reaching our full potential.   Emotional Freedom Technique, (Tapping), Neuro Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis, have the ability to clear emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that hold us back.  Depending on the problem being dealt with, I may use just one technique or integrate all three. My priority is the needs of the client and what they feel comfortable with. I work from my home in Essex and also undertake Skype sessions if distance is a problem.

Sally Knight
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